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Roman gold lamella or amulet, 60 - 150 AD.  Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Norwich

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Other Information

The following Information needs to be emailed to Please include the name of the artefact(s) in the email subject heading:

  1. Acquisition statement. Please send a full validation of the acquisition, including the significance of the particular item in a regional and national context. Please include a thumbnail sketch of the museum’s history, collections, etc. You should also include whether the museum charges an entrance fee (and if so, how much) and the most recent annual visitor numbers.
  2. Annual Report and Accounts of Museum
  3. 2 sets of good quality photographs of the artefact(s) - must be in .jpg format.

If information is too bulky to email, you may post it to: The Headley Museums Archaeological Acquisition Fund, The Peak, 5 Wilton Road, London SW1V 1AP.

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